Online Social Marketing – Top Ten Rules:

Rule #1 – Pull… don’t push. With new tools, there are new rules. You need to know how to engage and remember that old school marketing does not work in today’s world.

Rule #2 – Win the right to be heard. Add value. Add value. Add value. Share your content. The value of you as a participant is judged by the value you provide. Add value.

Rule #3 – Content is still King, Conversation is Queen, Conversion is the Prince. There is nothing that beats well-written and relevant content, including blog posts, tweets, webinars, and podcasts. Be a knowledgeable expert. And remember, keep content and business separate.

Rule #4 – Authenticity and Transparency. Be real, be open, and be honest. You will make mistakes and that’s okay. When you do make mistakes, admit it, and then move on and improve.

Rule #5 – You do not have to be on every social network. You will not survive if you try to be on every network that is available. It is literally impossible to be everywhere. You need to be where your customers are.

Rule #6 – Give and you shall receive. I love this quote by Zig Ziglar that Terri Murphy shared, “Adopt an attitude of servitude.” You need to give value freely with NO STRINGS ATTACHED. You will be amazed at how this kind of an attitude will help establish long-lasting and credible relationships.

Rule #7 – Do not abandon traditional marketing completely. Most rules in traditional marketing still apply and the key here is how you integrate social media into your marketing plan. Think of it this way… Social Media is just another channel to build your brand and market. Social Media is not a replacement and you need to continue to use multiple marketing methods.

Rule #8 – Social Media is a mindset. When you are planning your marketing strategy, you need to include Social Media into your thinking. To integrate Social Media into your marketing plan, you must change your strategy and mindset.

Rule #9 – Be yourself. This is so important… Use a real photo and your real name. People want to relate and trust people with whom they have built a relationship with (not someone with a cartoon character for their profile picture!). Building trust is key in marketing today.

Rule #10 – Social Media is still evolving. Because Social Media is new and continuing to develop, there is room for testing, tweaking, and new concepts. Continue to test, tweak, and measure your results.

As you know, the Internet and these social websites are not going anywhere… Use the above Ten Rules to make the best use of your Social Media Marketing.


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