Master BLUEPRINT on How to Get 500+ Connections in 30 Days on LinkedIn

This is master BLUEPRINT to get 500+ connections in 30 days on LinkedIn. You just need to follow these steps:

Step 1: 100% Profile

Create 100% profile. Use your targeted keywords(e.g. Social Media Trainer OR eMarketing Expert etc.) as last name. Use the same keyword in your job title, description and in other information sections at least  once. Do this step once and update it according to your needs.

Step 2: LinkedIn People Search

Use LinkedIn people search and search people in your industry. Use inMails or Direct message(if they have allowed) to get introduced to them.  Ask them to invite you or accept your invitation. Now use related  keyword to expand your search volume. Contact at least 10 and maximum 20 people per day. Use this step on daily basis.

Step 3: LinkedIn Group Search box

Now search your keyword in LinkedIn Group Search box and join groups related to your industry or keywords.  Do not join more than 10 groups. When you join any group you will see other people’s discussions. Do comment on those discussions according to the discussion and prove (try to prove)  that you are just sharing knowledge & experience. Also let people know that you are open to accept invitation. Do not spoil other people’s discussion with your no relating comment. People will not like you and also forget about invitation.

Do comment in 5 discussions per day in each group. Ask intelligent  questions to engage people with you. Use this step on daily basis.

Step 4: LinkedIn Updates Search Box

Search your keyword in LinkedIn Updates Search Box and see what other people are updating about your industry or keyword. Like their updates and comment your expert opinion. Also ask intelligent question to engage people with you.

Use this step daily.

Step 5: Respond people QUICKLY

If someone commented on your status updates, comments or just sent you a direct message then respond them quickly as soon as possible because people don’t like time delay.

Use this step every time at least your first 3 months on LinkedIn

Step 6: Explore the LinkedIn as you Explore Life.

Learn LinkedIn More & More. Explore it by yourself OR go through this course at: to save time. I strongly recommend this course to build your audience it would be your lifetime asset.

Step 7: Time Table

Create a time table for your work on LinkedIn. Invest 2 hours per day at least.

Here is over from my side. Please comment if I miss anything or anything which is not acceptable for you. We Proudlty Recommend this course at:

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