How to Sell Websites to Small Businesses and Make Money Online

The aim of this short book to teach and show you how to create value for your prospects and not necessarily how to sell sites for small businesses. Building and creating value for small business owners in your locality, or the world is vital to the success of an online business that your buyers can be forced constantly ready to overcome on the path to your doorstep.

The majority of small business owners are not aware of the business opportunities sundry their surroundings. Most do not understand that the purchase or registration of domain names that are keyword optimized sites and build with specific content can significantly improve business income and profits.

For example, a local dentist may have an official site that features what he does. Has been built on the site registered company name and a few clients will only find this dentist of their own. This is all about! He may not realize that he needs to build a Web site or blog with a the word registered domain name to get clients online through free search engine traffic without incurring additional advertising costs.

In the above circumstance, you should be able to identify these opportunities online business, needs or gaps and determine how to sell sites for small businesses. This can be done through the creation of websites high volume targeted traffic, cash and flip them to buyers willing and able to cool criticism.

The following is a simple process of flipping sites should be undertaken when you want to sell sites for small businesses.

Found on the theme of the site or the subject through the specialized market research. You can follow your work experience, interests or hobbies to make a decision on the topics to create sites.

Register or buy a domain name that is keyword rich. Thus recording the exact word as a domain name without numbers , hyphens , suffixes, and prefixes is highly recommended. It helps in the quick search engines rankings. But you should also try to limit the scope of the name for a maximum of four words and not more than 25 characters with no spaces. Oh yes, and a smaller number of words and characters the better!

  • Get a web hosting package hosting your website. Must be free of charge at least 99.9% up time.
  • Build and download on the Web site or blog on your domain through the Control Panel from the hosting account your website.
  • Regularly add content to your web site materials preferably unique. You have to monetize your content is very appropriate.
  • Drive targeted traffic to your website by publishing in specialized forums, blog commenting, article marketing, and so on.
  • With the site above the face firmly in place, you will be able to get the income and targeted traffic constantly. Armed with proof of income and targeted traffic, and will be easy to answer this question of how to sell sites for small businesses.
  • Simply identify the small businesses in your niche markets, and writing letters suggest them on how prefabricated Web sites will add value to the business bottom line. Then they must be told that it is their main business, and this is to create value domain names and websites to be between the owners of small businesses for mutual benefit.

This is it; short and straight forward! I hope that the above-mentioned article sheds more light on how to sell sites for small businesses.


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