How to Be a Creative Entrepreneur

There is a great line in Alice in Wonderland when the Queen says, “Sometimes I think of 6 impossible things before breakfast.” I think you will agree that this should be creativity at its best! As an owner of a small business and this is the perfect you really need to strive for … But how on earth you can open your mind to get to the point where the ideas just stretching?

It is expected to be creative and innovative, but how they can run their own company small business owners? If you have a sneaky feeling that creativity is not one of the strengths you have what it can do to stimulate the brain and get it kicked – it started?

Be Unlimited

A very large number of people ‘intellectuals limited’. They put their world directly in the box and nothing can exist outside of it. If the newspaper reports something then it must be right. If Joe next door says that something is impossible then he must be right. As an owner of a small business, and you can not afford to be ‘limited thinker’. You have to be ‘unlimited thinker’. Get in the habit of seeing any limits; decide that there are no taboos. They have to believe that with a bit of focus you can find a creative solution to all your problems. This is the basis for the process of creative thinking.

The future will be focused on

Creative ideas always come when you look ‘in the future. Feeling push yourself forward and vision to solve the problem is a great motivator. Do you think that you can achieve the same result if you are focused back? I do not think so! Train yourself to be focused on the future, and always looking forward, not a traditional thinker who is trying to find answers in today’s world.

Be a writer

Once you open your mind to the joys of creativity and ideas start flowing quickly, as if someone had opened the flood gates! Just like the flood water, unless you catch him ideas are lost for ever. Capture all your ideas that carry a small pocket notebook with you. Soon emerges idea in your mind, write it down. It does not matter how strange it is, you can look at it in the cold light of day later.

The fact that you are responding to the reference to them ideas will further encourage you to be more creative – Favors encourage increased goodness!

Be free of clutter for

If you are naturally a person untidy, then get out of the habit! A cluttered desk leads to a cluttered mind. You can not expect your brain to work efficiently when all she’s doing is constantly reminding you of how untidy desk. Be creative remove all the clutter from your life and free your mind.

Be oriented work

All of these points are great, but if you do not take any action with your own ideas, you might as well have not bothered. The idea is only a thought, but if you take specific actions to help bring it to life. Periodically review the laptop and see if there are any hidden gems, or ideas that you can quickly take action on. There are a lot of ideas may not fit at all, but somewhere in there is probably an idea, which, if acted upon, could change you or your business. Full commitment to move forward in the largest possible number of your ideas as you can.

Do not be afraid to break down the walls. As John Stuart Mill said: “That which seems the height of absurdity in one generation often becomes the height of wisdom in the next century.”

Let me conclude with one question – you can be creative enough because we reject as a dreamer? No? Then get exercise!


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