9 Ideas on What to Share in LinkedIn Status Update, Tweet & Facebook Status Update

Before we proceed I just want to let you know that this article was written for LinkedIn Status Updates but I found it useful for Twitter & Facebook too.

So you just need to know:

How to apply it?Where to apply it?

When to apply it?


Here are 9 ideas of what to share in your LinkedIn, Facebook & Twitter status update: 

1: Tell your network about a professional event you are going to or have just attended (networking event, trade conference, industry convention, Chamber of Commerce meeting).
2: Announce a project that you are starting or have completed for your job.
3: Plug the work of someone in your network.
4: Share a business success you’ve recently had – a happy client or a rave review.
5: Ask your network for a specific connection that you are looking for.
6: Post a link that would be of interest to people in your network.
7: Promote a new product or service that you are offering by telling your network how it can help them.
8: Remind people about the characteristics of an ideal business referral for you, or just ask for referrals.
9: Make a recommendation to your network about a service, product, website, software package, company, book, etc. that has been useful to your business.

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