7 Secrets Every Entrepreneur Should Learn From a Teenager

It may not seem like business administration and teenagers go hand in hand at the beginning. But I think there are some great snacks of how the world sees teenager, and how it can be to win a successful businessman in the business world.

Teenagers may be talking about different subjects, but they have an uncanny way to get exactly what they want. Using some of the tactics you can too!

1. Know exactly what you want / Be single-minded pursuit of goals

Have you ever met a teenager that were not sure of exactly what they want? Just ask them. It can be as simple as a pair of designer jeans or who want specific now on Friday night. They know what they want and then go after it …

Just watch the teen who wants to go to a party. She said she planned weeks in advance will lay the ground work to get her parents to say yes.

2. Do not take no for an answer

Teenagers can be relentless. When they want something that will do whatever it takes to get it and run up against a small number of “no’s” never stops them.

3. Image counts

Teens are concerned about their reputations. They take the time to look their best and care what others think.
Successful entrepreneurs can use this quality to the culture of a positive reputation and gaining respect in the business community. Do you ever noticed that the guy or gal who always seems steep … Dressed to the nines and polished? Image counts when you’re looking to represent the business and achieve your dreams.

4. Be creative

When he wants something in adolescence they will think of every possible way to get it. I can remember the approval to run errands for my mother, my brother and take karate and even clean the car, just to get a chance to drive it on the weekends. And can piece together a plan to get what they want without self-limiting internal debate that most adults have encountered.

5. Ask your friends for help

Teenagers are some of the best Networkers. They really understand the influence of their network. Seek advice from their peers and stick together to help each other. The activities of the team are always more fun and get more done!

6. Be Tech Savvy

Teens have all the latest tools and know how to use it. As adults we can become resistant to change and new technology. Search tools that simplify your life and do not be afraid to ask a teenager for assistance using them!

7. Promotion

Teenagers are marketing geniuses! They have mastered the concept of viral marketing – Have you ever seen a story (well, maybe it’s gossip, but the lesson is still in force) run like wildfire despite the school and across the Internet at lightning speed. Learn how to get the word out.


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