5 Senses of an Entrepreneur to Build a Successful Business

If you have seen me speak you will know that I think is the use of the word ‘entrepreneur’ way too much these days. People seem to wear it as a badge instead of just going out there and doing things projects.

Just because you own or run a successful business does not necessarily mean you’re an entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurs have a different mentality to others. They will go way above and beyond to complete and finish something that has begun.

I have developed what I call the 5 senses organizer and that will shed light on these differences.

We have all 5, which is the sight, taste, smell, hearing and touch. Has also organized those 5 senses, but to them it means something completely different. And 5 senses relay messages to the brain that makes you work a certain way. This is the same sense of entrepreneurship. Directing projects regulator senses to work and succeed in a certain way.

Here’s how to use the regulator 5 senses.


Entrepreneurs can see things ordinary business owners can not. I mean, they can see the possibilities in the smallest things, whether it is a new trend or a way to do something different, and this in turn earn bigger and better results from others around them.

They also have the foresight to see past obstacles or impediments that most business owners will also see a full stop and press on regardless of the issues they may face.

They are not really good at this stuff is right in front of their faces, and day-to-day stuff as they are already thinking far in advance.

You could say that some Entrepreneurs have flashing. Once they focus on something, they will see it to the end. Everything that comes in their way will be to deal quickly with it because they do not lose momentum or become distracted.


Entrepreneurs can taste success in whatever they do. It does not really concern them with the current taste of the deal or project because they know what the final taste of success in this transaction when it is finished and completed and actually taste like.

Even when they have a bitter taste of something, and if this is a deal gone wrong or the wrong decision, they still hold on until the sweet taste of success is to fill their mouths.

Just like kids when are we all to eat those disgusting vegetables (broccoli, Brussels sprouts) and then as we grow and we are able to make our own choice on what is on our plates, so no regulator. They’ve been through the hard yards just as anyone else. They just want to have a choice on what remains taste in their mouths for the longest period of time.

Even taste it, and they will not give up.


Organizer can smell of success after one mile. In fact, they can smell it even before they experience it. Is that sweet smell that keeps them driving towards touch and live it.

As he could not smell the sweetness of success, so you could smell a bad deal. Now I’m not saying that everything puts his hands to the regulator will always work, but as they go through their lives because they know quickly if there is something a little off the smell.

This is the feeling that one is the most important for an entrepreneur. Without a whiff of something potentially huge and exciting, and the regulator will usually let it go.

They also have the ability to smell of “compost” a mile off.


With the ear, it has a wide range of different vibrations and sound waves that it processes, in turn, into something that makes sense that our brains. This principle is what happens in the regulator. Every one of us heard different reactions, and various business opportunities and potential deals throughout our lives. What makes an entrepreneur different from the rest is that he or she will decode the information (usually very quickly) and either operate or dismiss it immediately just by the sound of the information that he or she has heard. As most people will go down the path of such information is likely to lose when it is not what was seen first.

The project is also the owner of the talent withhold negative information or comments that come in their ears. They will not be the type of person that will allow those negative information to pass in their thinking and in turn, to their business.

Entrepreneurs have selective hearing. They know what they want to hear and they know what success looks like.


The regulator will not give up until they have a firm grip on what has been achieved. Some of them may take a short time and for others a very long time. But even they have this success through the throat, they will not let it go.

See it from this perspective is the reward for the stage regulator. This is the thrill of the hunt with hunting mounted high on the walls of their lives.

This does not mean that everything they put their hands to the will. It’s that they feel that they know they are looking for. They know how hard they need to press or how cute they may need to be. This was the same with the main holding baby instead of a hammer. One is nice and the other is strong. The real business man have an understanding of what is required touch.

So as you can see, there are many aspects that determine the organizer apart from the regular employer.


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